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it must be real fucked up to be a gay idol and know that people will "ship" you with someone of the same gender for their enjoyment but if you ever come out as gay some of those same people will turn...

Is it okay to be gay in Korea? (picture from Seoul's Gay Pride Parade 2012). New k-pop fans might think this since idols of the same sex are really close to each other and very touchy but that's certainly not the case.

Also gay idol rumors going around in the idol industry that are quite huge, all of which dispatch holds the specifics to and probably paid to keep quite.

Ryan Idol (born August 10, 1964) Real name Marc Anthony Donais, is an American gay pornographic film actor who performed in the 1990s and later onstage in mainstream theater. He has French, Irish, and Native American ancestry. Idol describes himself as "the creation of Marc Anthony Donais.".

The latest Tweets from rt your gay idol (@rtyourgay). @rtyourgay. Feel free to DM us your gay idol. Over the Rainbow. Joined August 2015.

In fact, the gay community in Korea has been quite vocal about their love for male celebrities, with many online communities chiming in on their favorite idols and actors.

Several actors, comedians, filmmakers, and models are both gay and Asian. Also Ranked. #50 on The Best Asian Actresses in Hollywood History. #4 on The Best Female Stand Up Comedians of the...

Idol Gay rumor INFINITE Sung Jong, SHINee Key; Have you ever thought that one of your favorite celebs could possibly be gay and just hasn't "come out" yet?

Yes Danny Noriega is gay, he has a old myspace that he no longer uses and it lists his orentation

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The gay community chose D.O. as the hottest Exo member. (Photo : Facebook/Exo). For Infinite, Nam Woohyun dominated the poll with 21.5 percent while idol-actor L placed second with 18.6...
Image : Hottest Male Kpop Idols According To Gays Revealed In Poll

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