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Was Shakespeare Gay or Straight? One fact is certain: Shakespeare was in a heterosexual marriage. At the age of 18...

John Sutherland: Although not a new question, its re-emergence is germane to the interpretation of his plays, and not just a scholars' spat.

SEXUALITY AND SHAKESPEARE: Was William Shakespeare gay? Gay actor Ian McKellen is one of the latest voices to contend that Shakespeare was homosexual.

Professor Lear talks about the eternal question: was Shakespeare gay? To learn more, read about the gay history of England, see...

Shakespeare, overhearing their conclusion, went before, was entertained and at his game ere Burbage came. ^ "Was Shakespeare gay, and does it matter?", The Guardian, 28 November 2014[1].

In some of Shakespeare's poetry there are references to a young man he cared for in a non sexual sense but was betrayed by him with a "dark lady" whom Shakespeare is belived to have loved.
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