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Gay Marriage In Denmark - fairytale weddings on Ærø for LGBT couples Gay marriage in Now that the Australians have finally legalised gay marriage, you can register your Danish marriage there too.

Same-sex marriage became legal in Denmark on 15 June 2012. A bill for legalization, introduced by the Government of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, was approved by the Folketing on 7 June 2012 and received royal assent by Queen Margrethe II on 12 June 2012.

As Ireland prepares for its upcoming referendum, Denmark continues to embrace gay marriage and homosexual culture. Jasmine Han Ben Mayer-Goodman Sacha Noyes...

Same Sex Marriage Denmark. by Arezoo Clarck Sørensen. Their wedding captured by Tine Hvolby is a perfect example of a beautiful destination wedding gay couples can achieve in Denmark.

The first gay marriages will take place as soon as June 15. Denmark has been a pioneer in gay rights since 1989, when it became the first country in the world to offer civil unions for gay couples.

Same-sex marriage in Denmark. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ^ Denmark submits gay marriage bill.

Marriage in Denmark is probably the quickest and easiest in the EU. But even so couples have many questions and doubts. Can gay couples get married in Denmark?

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