Why Tom Cruise Is Gay

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Why do people think Tom Cruise is gay? Why did Tom Cruise have three failed marriages? How do I send a letter to Tom Cruise? Is Tom Cruise basically 100% looney?

I have wondered and wondered why so many people call Tom Cruise gay. Im not a fan of his or anything. There's a few incidents that seem to back up the 'tom cruise is gay' theory but I can't remember the details specifically - He divorced Nicole Kidman just before 10 years, which apparently...

Why Hollywood Can't Stand Tom Cruise - Duration: 4:52. Nicki Swift 543,449 views. Colin Farrell discusses whether Tom Cruise is gay or straight - Duration: 0:36. AP Archive 13,845 views.

My professor told me that Tom Cruise is gay. The only reason that he is only engaged to Katie Holmes because it boosts up her celebrity. Why doesn't anyone talk about Miley Cyrus anymore?

Why I've PROOF that Tom Cruise hates gay sex. Tom Cruise is gay. Penelope Cruz is a beard, paid to date Hollywood actors. Katie Holmes was already pregnant with another actor's baby, Chris something.
Video : Tom Cruise - Where''s the Evidence that This Guy is Gay?

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